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Which Nuts Contain Lowest Calories?

Which Nuts Contain Lowest Calories?

We know generally – Nuts are good for health. But different nuts have different benefits and should be classified differently. Nuts which are low in fat and very starchy – Chestnut. Nuts with high fats and low carbs – Macadamia nut. Thus, we should really understand their nutritional value and find the best nut for our diet! case you would like to know which nut has the lowest calories in Love Earth webstore, here is a simple table you may refer: ^^

Other Aspect in Choosing Nuts for our Diets

Lowest & Highest Calorie Nuts
Number of calories in nuts ranges from 553kcal to 718kcal. The difference is mainly due to the fat content in each type of nuts. But need not fear, the protein and fats in nuts are potential in helping our diet if we eat them in the right way!

Fiber, Sugar and Protein!
Almonds have the most fiber (12g/100g of nuts) and cashews & pine nuts the least (3-4%). Chestnuts have the most sugar and Brazil nuts the least. Lastly, peanuts, almonds, and pistachios have the most protein (21-26%) and chestnuts the least (2%).

Nuts Vary by Type of Fat
Protein quality doesn’t vary widely across different nuts, but fat quality does. In terms of absolute amounts (100g), Brazil nuts & macadamia nuts have the most saturated fat, where chestnuts have the least. The presence of saturated fat in nuts is not an unhealthy attribute. In fact, it’s probably a good thing because polyunsaturated fats are highly susceptible to become damaged when they’re processed, and nuts are frequently pasteurized or roasted, which is capable of causing said damage. > Therefore, always go for Raw/Natural Nuts or Lightly Roasted Nut which is the least damage Good Saturated Fats.

Low Carb Nuts
If we are on a low carbohydrate diet, macadamia nuts and pecans are both more than within the acceptable ratio of fats to carbs plus protein!

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