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What’s The Difference Between A Spice and A Seasoning?

What’s The Difference Between A Spice and A Seasoning?


Whether you have just started cooking or have been cooking for years, you might be wondering what is the difference between spices and seasonings.

Both spices and seasonings are used to create exciting flavours, and knowing what sets them apart helps you to add the right flavour to any meal you prepare.



Spices are plant substances you put on food to add flavours and extend food’s lifespan. Usually from the bark, root, stem, seed or fruits of a plant. The flavours from spices are due to the essential oils they contains, which are released through various processes such as grinding, pounding, grating and even cooking. Well known examples of spices include cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, etc.



Seasonings are almost every substance you add to a meal to enhance its flavour, and some examples include salt, sugars, herbs, vinegar and oil. One of the most critical factors in preparing a successful meal in today’s kitchen environment boils down to the effective use seasonings.


Final Thoughts

In review, a spice is a vegetation product that has an aromatic or pungent to the taste quality which is used for flavouring while cooking. On the other hand, a seasoning is anything that flavors food.


The best cooks are those who can cook from scratch while tasting and feeling the proper amounts of spices and seasonings required for a great dish. Fortunately, you can easily find guides and recipes online (including our website) or in the bookstores. And the critical elements of these recipes are how and when we use the spices and seasonings in our dishes.


The food industry are making things easier for us by creating seasoning blends with all the elements already blended. One of the popular seasonings you can find is the Natural Mushroom Seasoning that works perfectly in any savoury dishes. Yums! =)


Written by: Jasmine Lim
(Love Earth Nutritionist)

[Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics (major) &
Food Science (minor) lowa State University, USA]

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