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What is Sea Bird Nest?

What is Sea Bird Nest?

Seabird nest is also known as Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed, it is a type of coral grass and can be categorize as a type of seaweeds as well. It is a valuable gift from the ocean that grown naturally in the sea and usually contain no artificial fertilizer and no bleaching chemical for natural and premium grade. However, they are also a lot of Seabird Nest that is selling at lower price which contain artificial fertilizer during the artificial planting by human to achieve a specific harvest amount to fulfill the market needs. Bleaching will also be part of the process in order to make it look prettier, cleaner and premium in order to earn above average for artificial planting Seabird nest. Therefore, no matter what we are eating nowadays. It will be the best to get those with certification proven!

Why Seabird Nest are being introduce to consumer?

It’s being introduce due to Seabird nest is rich in enzyme nutrients, mineral, calcium, iron, multitude fibers and jelly form of proteins. It is especially good for skin care, vegetarian diet and daily fiber diet intake. In is a perfect nutritious food for children, pregnant women, menopausal women, elderly, vegetarian and even more people to consume it.


  • 10x Collagen higher than bird’s nest. < And of course, a lot cheaper than bird’s nest!
  • 37x Calcium higher than fish liver.
  • PH worth 7.6 (Neutral)

Benefits of Seabird Nest

  1. Adjust body weight, hormone and even breast enhancement for girls!
  2. Provide antibacterial properties and remove toxin from body
  3. Eliminate constipation
  4. Enhance skin condition
  5. Stabilize thyroid gland function
  6. Improve blood circulation and cold
  7. Good for hyper or hypo-tension

Grade & Type of Seabird Nest

Grade AAA – Violet/ Purple color

Grade AA – Yellow/ White

Garde A – Brown

Way to Prepare & Suggest Recipe

It is important to know how Seabird nest should prepare before cooking or eating them, or else you will end up feeling unbelievable because they will be totally ‘disappeared’ in the pot! What? Let us tell you why!

This is because despite with the high collagen level of Seabird nest and they are originally grown in the sea which has lower temperature than the land they usually will easily dissolve completely between the temperature of 21C- 37C after they have been soaked with cold water and back to the original form of how they should look like. Therefore, it is always recommended to only soak it directly with cold water up to 4hrs until it turns soft, set aside or in fridge and add into any salad or sweet soup to enjoy the texture of it!

Alternatively, we can always play around with creativity by dissolving it complete after a 4hrs of cold bath. Then pour the mixture into jelly mold and add in any filling such as fruits, chia seeds to enjoy it as a jelly dessert!