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What is Mushroom Seasoning?


What is Mushroom Seasoning?

Love Earth mushroom seasoning is a healthy substitute for artificial food seasonings and salt. It is made from only three ingredients - Shiitake mushroom powder, salt, and mushroom extract, which contains a rich amount of natural glutamate from the mushroom to enhance the taste of your dish!

How is it made? The process is simple - the fresh shiitake mushroom is first sun-dried, and after turning it into powder, it is mixed with salt and mushroom extract to form the end product you see in the bottle!



What about MSG?

As we talk about seasoning, MSG may come into your mind. Here’s why you may want to think twice before using it. MSG is a simple structure that consists of glutamate and sodium, where glutamate is an amino acid that plays an important role in our brain function. Everything sounds just fine - But why is it a concern? Glutamate in MSG is not bound to protein, which means it can be absorbed into your circulation very quickly - Unlike how most glutamate exists as part of the protein in whole foods. Therefore, it can be an excitotoxin when there is too much glutamate in your brain, causing overstimulation of your nerve cells.

Although MSG is labelled as safe by the FDA, and it is surrounded by controversy, let’s not forget that whole food should be what we always prioritize in our diet. You won't want to risk your health when you can choose a safer and more nutritious alternative!


Benefits of shiitake mushroom

Our mushroom seasoning has Shiitake mushroom as its main ingredient. But what’s so unique about it? Shiitake mushroom has great nutritional value, and studies have proven that it offers various health benefits. Besides helping improve immunity and support cardiovascular health, it has anti-cancer properties! 


Why pick our mushroom seasoning over another seasoning?s

heartMade from 100% natural ingredients without any artificial additives
heartContains a superfood - Shiitake mushroom, which has a lot of proven therapeutic effects
heartLow sodium content and yet bring a rich flavour to your dishes - Provide a great taste without having to consume much salt
heartMSG exists in many seasonings & condiments, sometimes with a different name. Our ingredients are simple and clear, ONLY Shiitake mushroom powder, salt, and mushroom extract - Nothing else.


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Written By: Yong Ke Tian
BSc Hons Nutrition
University of Nottingham Malaysia

Reviewed by: Jasmine Lim
Love Earth Organic Nutritionist
Bachelor of Science Degree in
Dietetics (major) & Food Science (minor)
Iowa State University, USA