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What is Chlorophyll?

What is Chlorophyll?

What is chlorophyll exactly? Pretty sure you have heard of chlorophyll this term during your science class. The noun of Chlorophyll derives from the Greek words – khloros (pale green) & phyllon (leaf). Chlorophyll (叶绿素) is a green pigment that plays a role in the absorption of light in the process of photosynthesis then create them into energy. Mostly, chlorophyll can be found in green vegetables.

Benefits of Chlorophyll

Helps fight cancer

Chlorophyll is related to natural cancer prevention as it will block carcinogenic effects within the body and protects the DNA from damage caused by toxic molds such as aflatoxin. It is very similar to chlorella which has the effect of anticancer. Therefore, it will decrease the risk for cancer development and cleanses the liver whereby by interfere the metabolism of chemical procarcinogen.

Improve wound healing

The chemical from Chlorophyll – Chlorophyllin, will reduce the bacterial growth on skin wound and prevent infections. Which will speed up the healing time of the wound at the same time by controlling the odors that caused by the store up of bacteria.

Weight Loss and Improves Digestion

Chlorophyll helps to improve digestion by detoxifying and speed up the process of waste elimination, balancing the fluid levels, and reduce constipation case. Furthermore, preliminary research shows chlorophyll benefits the metabolism and increases the likelihood of success with weight loss efforts.

Prevents Insomnia

Chlorophyll has a calming effect on the nerves and helpful in reducing the symptoms of insomnia, nervous irritability, and general body fatigue.


Sources of Chlorophyll

  • Vegetables (leeks, spinach, wheatgrass, green beans etc.)
  • Chlorella & Spirulina

*Overcooking of food will destroy its chlorophyll and magnesium content*