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What is Black Fungus?

What is Black Fungus?

Black fungus, or Auricularia polytricha, is sometimes known as wood ear木耳, cloud ear云耳, Judas ear or tree ear. It is black in color and are shaped like an ear. It is a mushroom that is dark brown to black and native to Asia and some Pacific islands with humid climates. It is edible and often used in Asian cooking. It is a beneficial herb in helping health issues in the lungs, stomach and liver. It also carries blood thinning properties. They are tasteless and are a common ingredient in Chinese cooking. They are also considered as a longevity food from ancient time.

Improves Circulation
Black fungus has a chemical that inhibits blood clotting. Heart attacks, strokes and blood vessel diseases are linked to blood clotting, whereas this fungus may improve blood circulation. It also contains anticoagulant substances that act like blood thinners.

Due to the ability of black fungus to help with blood circulation, it is also useful in helping with hemorrhoids. It has a cooling effect on the blood, promoting circulation and treating bruises, which may be why it is used to treat hemorrhoids.

Black fungus is beneficial to people who are suffering from dryness, such as a dry throat, cough or mouth. It is thought to moisten the blood and promote circulation, which alleviates conditions associated with dryness.

Black fungus contains the trace mineral germanium, which has anti-viral and anti-tumor effects. Germanium is also known to energize the body, which is why it is useful as an herb that fights off viruses.

Steps to Prepare before cook:
When using dried black fungus, we need to soak it in hot water for about 1 hour or until softened or soak in cold water overnight. Then wash black fungus under running water, pat dry and remove the core. Tear or cut them into smaller pieces if necessary and you are ready to use them in your dishes!

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