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Top 8 Proven Health Benefits of Walnuts

Top 8 Proven Health Benefits of Walnuts


Walnuts used to be viewed as unhealthy due to their high fat and calorie content, but recently we have found this assumption to be false. They offer numerous health benefits, let’s have a look at what they are!


  1. Improves Brain Health

Walnuts are rich in numerous phytochemicals that offer potential benefits to brain health. For instance, polyphenolic compounds found in walnut can help to improve interneuronal signaling and neurogenesis.


  1. Powerful Antioxidant

Contains Vitamin E which is one of the essential lipid-soluble antioxidants for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of mucosa and skin by protecting it from harmful free radical.


  1. Reduce risks of Heart Disease

Walnuts contain plant-based omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and decrease blood pressure, which is the major risk factor for heart disease. This omega-3 fatty acid may decrease the inflammatory marker in those with high cholesterol.


  1. May Decrease Inflammation

ALA omega-3 fatty acid, magnesium, and amino acid arginine contain in walnuts can help to improve inflammation, oxidative stress, and blood pressure. Disease such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer caused by oxidative stress can be reduced.



  1. Promote a Healthy Gut

Helps to produce butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid which is produced by bacterial fermentation of non-digestible carbohydrates in the colon. Acts as a major energy source for intestinal epithelial cells enhances intestinal epithelial barrier function and modulates immune function.


  1. Act as Mood Enhancer

Walnuts also are known as rich sources of the Vitamin B complex. B Vitamins are the precursors or cofactor for the enzyme to convert amino acids to both monoamine neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline.


  1. Helps in Weight Management

Walnuts stimulate the receptor in the brain, insula that helps to regulate appetite to reduce food cravings and hunger. Besides, it also can help to increase the metabolic rate to burn more calories at rest and during activity.


  1. Provide Better Sleep Quality

The skin of walnuts is high in melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. This hormone helps to regulate body temperature, blood pressure, and the levels of some hormones. The study showed that when eaten walnuts, the concentration of melatonin in the blood increased.


Overall, walnuts provide various minerals and vitamins to our body and it can be a healthful addition to our diet. So, now quickly add walnuts into your diet to enjoy these health benefits!


Written By:
Liow Pui Kee
[BCs (Hons) Nutrition with Wellness Student]
[UCSI University]
Reviewed By:
Jasmine Lim
(Love Earth Nutritionist)

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