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Top 7 Benefits of Mushroom Seasoning

Top 7 Benefits of Mushroom Seasoning


One of the most important part of cooking is seasoning. Seasonings are much more than just adding salt and pepper, seasonings create deep flavors and marries together different ingredients to a balanced and flavorful food. Seasoning can be sweet, savory, acidic, spicy or bitter. Without it, a dish can be bland and not appetizing. If you are looking for a magical ingredient, get mushroom seasoning!


What is Mushroom Seasoning?

Mushroom Seasoning is made of dried shiitake mushrooms and salt. The perfect blend to provide Umami flavor – fifth basic taste, which also described as savory and meaty.  It is a versatile seasoning that you may find yourself sprinkling it on just about everything.


Why is Mushroom Seasoning Good?

Not only it enhances flavor to your dish, using mushroom seasoning actually provides many benefits.


1) Contains High Natural Glutamate

Mushroom Seasoning is made of Japan’s most popular mushroom- Dried Shiitake Mushrooms. It contains strong, earthy smell and the glutamate content is especially high when it’s dried.


2) Made of Ingredients Known as Superfood

Shiitake Mushroom has always known to be a superfood. This mushroom is packed with B vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids to make your body healthy.


3) Highly Nutritious

Shiitake mushrooms provide a healthy source of carbohydrate, protein and essential amino acids. They’re low in fat and contain high concentration of vitamin D, B6, B9 and B12, and minerals.

4) Provides Numerous Health Benefits

Not only this fungi can improve one’s well-being and boost immune system, shiitake mushrooms have antiviral, antibacterials and antifungal properties. They also help to control blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation within the body. Especially beneficial for those who are immuno-compromised, diabetic, or suffering from obesity and heart diseases.


5) Does Not Contain Any Chemical Additives

Made of 100% natural ingredients, only Dried Shiitake Mushroom and Salt. Pulverized and mixed to form the perfect mushroom powder for seasoning. Without any addition of chemical additives such as preservatives, flavorings, coloring, or bleach.


6) Best Replacement for MSG

While MSG are known to be excitotoxic (harmful to never and brain cells), mushroom seasoning is the best replacement for MSG for the tasty Umami flavor. Safer to consume as the glutamate (responsible for the meaty flavor) is naturally found in the shiitake mushrooms.


7) Suitable for Vegetarians

Mushroom Seasoning is suitable and safe for vegetarians. Great for its meaty flavor in vegetarian dishes.


Now you’ve found your healthy and tasty pantry staple, you can cook like a chef too!


Written by: Jasmine Lim

(Love Earth Nutritionist)

[Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics (major) &
Food Science (minor) lowa State University, USA]

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