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Top 5 Convenient Healthy Breakfast Kids would LOVE

Top 5 Convenient Healthy Breakfast Kids would LOVE

Have always wanted to be a great mum, but due to work, you don’t have time to prepare breakfast for your kids? No worries, here’s 5 convenient healthy breakfast for your kids! Get them ready under 1 minute!

1. Granola + Milk + Nuts

Remember our favourite Koko-Crunch cereal when we were young? (it’s still my all time favourite) but looking at the nutrition facts, I would probably prefer something less sugar and more nutritious for my kids.

Get ready some Milk / Soy Powder, and ready different flavours of Granolas, and some topping options for the little ones. They would be able to have a “mini buffet” at home for breakfast every morning! You know what’s the best part, it’s so simple and yet healthy!

2. Overnight Oat

Don’t have to rush early in the morning. Just use 1 minute of your time to prepare the day before!

Mix Oat with milk, chia seeds, chocolate powder / chocolate milk. Put in layers of dried fruits and nuts. And then another layer of oats. Top it with fresh fruits / nuts!

Can always mix and match with the fruits your little one love, (and I always add in things that they don’t usually eat) so they will be able to have balance nutrients!

Grab a jar in the morning and ready to go to school! (Make one for yourself too!)

3. Yogurt Parfait

Not a fan of oats? And don’t have time the day before? No worries! We can always tweak a little! Have yogurt parfait instead!

Place a layer of yogurt, then a layer of granolas, and then another layer of yogurt, then some dried fruits / fresh fruits, another layer of yogurt, and finish it with seeds / nuts toppings!

OK, you know what, just use your imagination, put anything possible in the jar! And just ask your kids to grab one to school! Quick and easy! (Add in some milk if it’s too thick)

4. Energy Koko Ball

Maybe something sweet and crunchy for “Kid’s cheat day” or his PE day (sports day)!

Mix everything in a huge bowl: Chia Seeds, Oats, Honey, Cocoa Powder, Pumpkin Seeds, Ground Flaxseeds, and the soul…Peanut butter!

Mix well and scope into balls, compress them and place them in the fridge. Give 2 balls a day as breakfast