Raw Honey 700g (Free Pocket Chia)


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Raw Honey 700g (Malaysia)

For Raw Honey, it usually sources from bees that are cultivated in bee farm.
All conditions within a bee farm are under standard control, thus the honey quality is being monitored for all time
It tastes the more like commercial, and always have the sense of flowery sweet taste.

Usual commercial honey goes through Adulteration, a processing method of honey.
This step includes evaporate water, add in starch or sugar syrup to enhance the taste and then add in additives, to make it stable

We can usually see honey  with a thin layer of bubbles on top (As it is really active and without any stabilizer)

Healthy Weight Management
Counters Pollen Allergies
Natural Energy Source
Antioxidant Powerhouse
Sleep Promoter
Wound and Ulcer Healer
Diabetes Aid
Natural Cough Syrup

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