Organic Green Kernel Black Bean 500g

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💚100% Organic with No Herbicides, GMO Free
💚Rich in Fiber, Protein, Fulate & Potassium
💚Prevention of Cancer, Promotes healthy Bones
💚Cook for Soup/Soymilk/Toppings on Meals
💚KKM Mesti certified, Jakim Halal certified, Australia NASAA Organic certified

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Green Kernel Black Beans
Green kernel black beansshare many characteristics with their
fellow bean family members (L
including red (kidney) beans, white (navy) beans, yellow beans,
pinto (mottled) beans, pink beans, & anasazi beans.

Suggestion Recipe
Add in other veges to make tasty & nutritious
black bean soup.

Can be added into salad or served as side dish.

Can drink as a tea to help boost-up producing
quality of breast milk

(Soak 500 gm of green kernel black bean,
fry without oil to release the aroma, set cool
& keep in dry tight container with lid.
Scoop 1 or 2 spoon with 1 mug of hot water,
drink while its hot & enjoy it
one or 2 times daily..)

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