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Organic Chili Flakes – New Product

Organic Chili Flakes – New Product

Chili Flakes are often produced with cayenne type of pepper which usually look like the below image. Which is the most common type of Chili used in Malaysian meals’ cooking. But why Chili Flakes are not produced by Chili Padi (Thai Chili)???
Chili Padi are usually about 1x spicier than cayenne pepper which is 50,000-100,000 SHUs (Scoville Heat Units – Hot Ranking) while cayenne pepper is having 30,000-50,000 SHUs and when it turns to a dried and concentration form of chili flakes. You will definitely taste every bit of hotness and spicy punching really hard on your tongue. But how can you identify if the Chili Flakes are spicy? Try to look at the amount of seeds, the more seeds, the spicier it is!

Chili flakes is originated from the town of Bukovo in the Republic of Macedonia. They name it base on their village and now ‘Bukovo’ had become the name for chili flakes in general in a number of Southeast European language. While in some country they will just call it Crushed red pepper. You can now see most of the Chili flakes packed in condiment bottle or shaker. It is so common to find them on the table of western cuisine restaurant, especially pizza restaurant. It can also be used in many ways such as homemade spicy pickle, chowder soup, spaghetti sauce, pizza topping or sauce and in sausage making.

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