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Meat Protein vs Nuts Protein

Meat Protein vs Nuts Protein

Protein is an essential component of any diet. When our body digests protein, it breaks the protein down to amino acids, which was used to maintain and repair the cells in our body, as well as to produce new cells. There are 9 kinds of amino acids which are essential, but our body can’t produce them, so we need to get them through our diet.

What is Nut & Meat Protein?

Protein in Nuts is incomplete because some nuts are lack some of the essential amino acids. However, as long as we vary our sources of incomplete protein and don’t rely on nuts alone, this is not a problem. While nuts can be high-fat sources of protein, the type of fat they contain is mostly healthy unsaturated fat, and they also contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals.

Protein in Meat. The type of protein found in meat is called complete protein because it contains all 9 essential amino acids. However, this protein often comes along with a lot of calories and saturated fat. Therefore, we should always limit high-fat meats and choose lean meats or vegetarian sources of protein to meet our protein needs.

More protein source to achieve Balance Complete Protein

For those who count on the protein from nuts such as vegetarian or people who are on diet plan. To meet our protein needs, consume either legumes or dairy products will be a good option as well, as these are complementary proteins which when combined with nuts, all 9 essential amino acids are complete. We don’t need to consume complementary proteins during the same meal, just at some point during the same day.

Most people consuming a varied diet do not need to worry about eating too little protein or combining proteins to form complete proteins. However, some vegetarians may need to pay more attention to their protein sources, especially if they follow a very restrictive version of the vegetarian diet.

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