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Know More About Pistachio

How Pistachio get its Name and Where did it Originate?

Pistachio Nut is a native of Iran, Syrian and Greece, it has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years. It considers one of the oldest edible nuts on earth just like almonds too. Pistachio belongs to the same family with cashew and what makes Pistachio stand out and different from any other nuts is its green color and semi-opening of the shell. In Iran, it called Smiling Pistachio and in China it called Happy Nut 开心果. It used to be common to dye pistachio red to cover any blemishes on the shell but most of the consumer nowadays prefer pistachio in natural color or even shelled. Probably part of us dint even see Pistachio dye in red, so here is how its look like.

Nowadays, most of the Pistachio that we can get in the market are mostly imported from US and this is because at the 1930s, when vending machine became famous, pistachios are imported from Italy and became a popular vending machines snack in US. After WWII, the plant of Pistachio was imported to California and they started with large scale of plantation and trading to other country. That is also the time when Pistachio become well know and its name is the Italian version of the Persian word ‘Pistah’, which mean ‘nut’. That’s why we called them Pistachio instead of Pistachio Nut!

When and Where do they Grow now?

While it’s easy to purchase pistachios at any time during the year, these nuts are at their best tasting and greatest during the harvest which is at anywhere from late August to early October. In America, most pistachios are harvested in western stated, such as California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

How are they Picker?

Growing in cluster similar to grapes, pistachio then to naturally fall off the tree when they ripen, where they are gathered by hand, net and so on. Most harvesters will also shake the branches with machines to help the nuts to fall off. Good Pistachio will split while on the tree, although some will not. Typically, pistachio sold in market are mostly naturally opened but there always few of them which is unsplit where we really need to smash it with harder object.

Before Pistachio turns into dried hard-shell kernel it actual derive from a reddish, wrinkled fruits like grapes which is similar to the image below and now you probably know why Pistachio used to dye in red. It’s not because to hide all the blemish and make it look nicer but also originate from its fruit.

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