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Organic Potato Starch 250g
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heart100% Organic Potato Starch from Latvia, suitable for Corn allergy
heartGluten-free flour blend, lends a light, fluffy texture to bake goods
heartGood source of Vitamin C & B6, Copper, Potassium, Manganese & Dietary Fibre
heartUsed as a general thickener, binder, anti-caking or gelling agent
heartAustralia NASAA Organic Certified, Jakim HALAL Certified, KKM Mesti Certified

Organic Potato Starch
Is difference from potato flour.
Made from the dried starch component of peeled potatoes.
It has no potato flavor so works well in most recipes.
The cells of the root tubers of the potato plant contain starch granules (leucoplasts).
Potato starch is a very fine white powder starch, with a texture much like cornstarch.
This is good news for individuals with a corn allergy or those on a grain-free diet.

100% Organic Potato Starch

As part of the starch component of a gluten-free flour blend, potato starch lends a light, fluffy texture to baked goods. Provide protein which needed by body to build and repair cells. Potato Starch is a very good source of vitamin C & B6,copper, potassium, manganese and dietary fibre. Potato starch used by the food processing industry as a general thickener, binder, anti-caking or gelling agent.

Tips / Usage:
Please keep in cool and dry place.
Keep away from direct sunlight.

Suggestion Recipe:
Can be used to make cakes, bread, cookies, noodles and much more!

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Organic Potato Starch