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Healthy Dried Fruit & Nutty Mooncake




Mooncake Skin (Dough)

  • 500g of Love Earth All Purpose/ Plain Flour
  • 340g of Sugar Syrup
  • 100g of Love Earth Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tsp of Alkaline Water




  • 80g of Love Earth Natural Raw Walnut(Toast & Grind Coarsely)
  • 80g of Love Earth Natural Raw Almond (Toast & Grind Coarsely)
  • 60g of Love Earth Organic Pumkin Kernel Seeds (Toast)




  1. Prepare dough, combine sugar syrup, coconut and alkaline water together and blend well with a rubber spatula. Pour sugar syrup mixture into sifted flour and mix well to a soft dough. Cover dough and rest for 30 minutes.
  2. Prepare fillings ingredient first and mix them together in a bowl.
  3. Add all the taste ingredient into the mixed fillings – Add sugar, kao fen and salt to the fillings, mix well. Then add in any fruit  jam, coocnut oil and water into it. Put on a plastic hand glove and mix the mixture well and shape it into 12 pieces ball shape OR put the dried fruits mixture in a small plastic bag, squeeze and turn it to a ball shape and set aside. **Not too tight as you’ll find it very hard to shape the nutty filling in the mooncake mould later on.
  4. Lightly dust some plain flour on table and knead dough again till smooth. Measure dough to 55g each.
  5. Wrap the filling with the soft dough then dust some plain flour on it and place inside the mooncake mold, flatten dough to conform to shape of mould.
  6. To dislodge the mooncake, gently push out the unbaked mooncake and place on the lined baking tray, about 10 pieces on one tray, not too close for even baking.
  7. Baked in preheated oven 190C for 10 mins at the center rack of the oven and rest to cool down (about 5 mins) before egg wash mooncake with a soft brush and bake for another 10 mins at the lower rack of oven.
  8. Remove mooncakes from oven and brush some glaze on mooncake.