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Flour Knowledge for Beginner

Flour Knowledge for Beginner

Baking is an entirely new world that encompasses a whole set of new principles, techniques, and methods and learning how to bake can take many years. Understanding how to bake requires a good foundational understanding of all cooking methods and theory in regards to how food reacts under certain situations and the various common combinations that produce great results, such as thickening, coagulation, proteins, and starches. Therefore, in this article, we would like to share more information about the basic ingredient in baking which is — FLOUR!

There are many different types of flours out there. Wheat flour is the most popular flour that is used in baking. Wheat flour is the only flour that is capable of producing gluten. Gluten is the tough, rubbery substance created when wheat flour is mixed with water. Gluten forms strands and is both plastic (Changing shape under pressure), and elastic (Returning to original shape when pressure is removed). Gluten is what responsible for the texture, appearance, and volume of finished baking goods. If there was no gluten, we would not have raised bread. The higher the protein count inside a flour also determines how much gluten will form when mixed into a dough.

Flour vs Gluten Allergy

Gluten is a protein that is derived from wheat flour and developed when incorporated with water and mixed. It is what causes the long stringy strands when we make a dough. The longer we work the dough, the more gluten that is developed. Gluten strands keep the leavening agents held within and promote the rising of bread. This is why most gluten-free bread is dense, dry and (opinion) unappealing.

The higher the flour’s protein content, the greater that flour’s gluten-forming potential. Flour does not contain gluten; only a dough or batter can contain gluten. Gluten is produced when glutenin and gliadin are moistened and manipulated, like when they are stirred or kneaded. The longer we mix a substance, the more gluten will develop.

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