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Do You Know Skipping Breakfast Might Gain Weight?

Do You Know Skipping Breakfast Might Gain Weight?

Do you know 1 out of 5 Malaysian are facing obese issues? We prefer Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, Curry Mee as our breakfast selections. Well, in that case, you might ask, are eating these, better than not eating breakfast at all?

Let us understand the importance of breakfast:

The USDA reports studies have found children who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to struggle with weight problems. And according to, people who eat breakfast tend to take in less calories in a day than their non-breakfast-eating counterparts. And individuals who do not eat breakfast tend to snack more on sugary or high-fat foods, overeat in the evening and are more likely to be overweight.

Our body a very smart system. Our body will tend to go into “fasting state” once we do not eat for a long time. And when we finally eat, it stores food as fat as a survival mechanism, worrying we might be encountering long hours of starving again.

The worse part would be, after long hours of starving, we go for food we desire and lead to overeating. It caused much more fats storage and issue to us. People who skip breakfast tend to have less nutritious diets, which can increase the chances of high cholesterol and other risk factors for chronic disease. Of course, skipping breakfast is not the only reason that leads to weight gain or obesity. It could be that people who skip breakfast tend to have other lifestyle habits that cause obesity — for example, hitting the drive-through or eating packaged convenience foods.

Generally speaking, please have your breakfast and have a balance diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle  And it all starts young to grow the habit! Make sure our kids and us have great breakfast to start our day great!


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