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Crispy Chili Flakes – New Product

Crispy Chili Flakes – New Product

Today we would like to introduce to you something savory and Super Addictive! After rounds of research and tasting activities, Love Earth is glad to finally bringing you the Healthiest, Safest and the Best Crispy Chili Flakes you will ever have! What makes it so special that you should have at least 1 in your house? Let’s have a look at their ingredients now!


100% Organic Chili Flakes

  • 100% Organic Sesame Seeds
    100% Organic Chili Powder
    100% Organic Cane Sugar
    Fresh Garlic
    Fresh Onion
    Spice & Seasoning
    Rock Salt
    Peanut & Sesame Oil

That’s all?! Yes, Crispy Chili Flakes are made up with 100% Organic and Fresh Ingredients by Love Earth house ingredients! You can literally find most of the ingredients from our website. However, if you would like to use the same ingredients to make your own chili flakes…… ……shhhhhhh! Sorry not this round! We are not sharing the recipe with you, because it’s Love Earth secret recipe! Haha! Moreover, it’s suitable for Vegetarian and we have carefully selected the chili seeds away!


How to Eat?

Eat it as a Vegetarian Sambal together with Nasi Lemak! (my favourite!)
Serve it with White Rice or Fried Rice, Noodles, Bread and many more of your preferred way!
Use it as a condiment for cooking!

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