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Can Psyllium Husk Help With Weight Loss?

Can Psyllium Husk Help With Weight Loss?

Psyllium husk is commonly used as a natural laxative to improve digestive health and relieve constipation. It is rich in soluble fiber and forms gel-like bulk when in contact with water. When the water is drawn from the body to add bulk into the stool, bowel movement will be improved. This also helps effectively in losing bodyweight.


A study by American scientists shows that psyllium husk helps with satiety and reduces hunger. The formation of the gel-like layer helps slow down the transit of food through the stomach, slower digestion resulting in increased satiety. Weight loss will be easier when by curbing the appetite without affecting the energy levels.


Moreover, consuming psyllium husk supplementation helps improve lipid profile. The soluble fiber reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol and total cholesterol in the body. Not only it is beneficial in weight management, but improved lipid profile also reduces the risk of getting heart diseases.


So yes, consuming psyllium husk does help in weight management and many other health benefits. You can consume by mixing psyllium powder in a glass of warm water daily. Be sure to follow up with another glass of water and drink plenty of water throughout the day! It is recommended to consume 10-20 grams of psyllium husk per day to lower cholesterol and prevent constipation.


Written by: Jasmine Lim

(Love Earth Nutritionist)

[Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietics (major) &
Food Science (minor) lowa State University, USA]

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