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Benefits of Himalaya Salt

Benefits of Himalaya Salt

Do you know Himalaya Salt? They are mostly known as Pink Salt or Pink Himalaya Salt as they come in naturally pink in color. These salts are mined near the ancient seabed in the Himalayan mountains. Besides, it is quite rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. This is why it explains why Himalayan salt tastes different from the other regular table salt.


Benefits of Himalaya Salt

Rich in minerals

It consists of 84 other minerals and also traces elements required in our body to assist in many bodily functions. It has common minerals like calcium and potassium not only has that but lesser known minerals like molybdenum and strontium too.


Balances body’s pH level

Himalaya salt is rich in minerals content that can help balance our body’s pH levels. A proper pH level can help to foster the immunity and encourage good digestion in the body. Because Himalaya salt contains sodium and electrolytes, therefore, it has a direct effect on the pH level of one’s blood. It makes a huge difference for body overall health when the body pH has a healthy acid to alkaline ratio. Hence, it is important to balance the body’s pH level.


Natural Digestive Aid

We can use Himalaya salt to make own salt water flush which is a mixture of Himalaya salt dissolved in water. This can help you to detox the body and cleanse your stomach and colon. As it can balance the stomach acid and stimulate the peristalsis of the digestive organs.


Improves better sleep

Himalaya salt help encourages better and more restful sleep because of its high mineral content. Therefore, by having enough salt intake in our diet daily is also a factor that can have a good night rest.


Usage of Himalayan salt

  • Cooking, preserve food (meat/ fish)
  • Salt lamp
  • Homemade body scrubs & bath soaks
  • Processed salt substitute