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5 Interesting Fact About Sesame Seeds

5 Interesting Fact About Sesame Seeds

The power of the sesame seed dates back thousands of years ago when it was used by the Egyptians as a medicine, while the women of ancient Babylon mixed honey with sesame seeds to prolong youth and beauty.  Even though no one can guarantee sesame seeds will keep us look younger, it can actually be really good for our skin and can often be found in many skin care products.  Healthy skin is just one of the many benefits of adding sesame seeds to your diet.  Let’s take a look at the interesting facts or benefits about this tiny little seed.

Sesame Seed have Excellent Source of Nutrients!

One of most important facts about these tiny little seeds is that they are an abundant source of minerals. 85g of sesame seeds provides 73.5% copper, 44.5% manganese, and 35.1% calcium of RDI (recommended daily intake), and good quantities of phosphorous, zinc, and selenium. The impressive amount of copper in sesame seeds is important for people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis(风湿关节炎). Copper has been shown to decrease the pain and swelling from RA. It is pretty impressive that sesame seeds have such large quantities of important nutrients like copper. Therefore, always sprinkle some over your rice, salad or dipping is a good way to consumer them!

Sesame contain Special kind of Fiber!

How special are we talking here? We all know that fiber is good for our body digestion and more, but did you know that sesame seeds have 2 special fibers called Sesamin and Sesamolin? These fibers are part of a group of fibers called lignans, and they have several important health benefits. Sesamin and Sesamolin are able to help in regulate cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure, and protect our liver from oxidative damage. These fibers can even increase the Vitamin E that is present in animals.  In term of their tiny sizes, the fiber that they contain in each seed we would say it’s pretty impressive.

Sesame seeds contain the Highest Phytosterols!

Phytosterols are compounds in plants with a chemical structure that is similar to cholesterol. This may not sound like a good thing, but it actually helps lower blood cholesterol levels, increase immune responses, and decrease the risk for certain cancers. In fact, Phytosterols usually been extracted from soybean, corn or pine tree oil and added to our daily butter spreads for their cholesterol lowering ability. However, rather than eating phytosterol enhanced butter, it is better that we can get it from sesame seeds itself or from pure sesame seed paste, because sesame seeds have the highest amount of phytosterols with about 400mg per 100g!

Sesame is Good for our Hair and Skin!

Back in Ancient Babylon when sesame seeds were being used to help prolong beauty.  It was in the form of oil but the seed itself carries many complex B vitamins which are important for many parts of our body, including our hair, skin and eyes.  These B vitamins include thiamin, niacin, folic acid, pyridoxine and riboflavin.

Sesame help Reduce Stress and Anxiety! 

Stress and anxiety had become an increasing case nowadays and most of the people choosing to live with their condition and accepting it as an unchangeable reality. However, a baby step in changing our diet can have a positive effect on reducing our stress and anxiety levels. There are direct links between low magnesium and increased anxiety levels. Magnesium plays a major role in many of the body’s metabolic functions. It regulates the nervous system, which can lead us to feeling more relaxed and calmer, effectively reducing stress and anxiety.

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