Our Mission

Provide Affordable & Reliable Organic / Natural / Healthy products for all.

Our Core Value


“Positive thoughts, positive actions, positive results! Let’s stay happy and fun!”


“Let’s be humble, be teachable and always keep learning.”


“We do the right thing and do things right for the first time. Our goal is to get things right, not simply to get things done.”


“Alone we are drop, together we are an ocean! We work as a team, we work as a family.”

Customer Focus

“We listen, we assist. We solve customers’ problem like ours.”


“Customer choose us because they trust our brand and people. We do everything with the highest level of integrity.”

How Love Earth Started

“Organic is too Expensive”
“Organic is for Cancer Patient”
“Organic is only for the Wealthy”
“Is there really Organic?”
“Is it proven that Organic Food is Healthier?”

Back then in year 2011, we have these doubts too. But looking at the news about fake food / unsafe food products / overdosed chemical food / environment issues flooding our newspaper and social media, we have to start something somewhere.

Our team is made up of nature lovers, divers, bikers, vegetarians. Looking towards Healthy Lifestyle, and provide everyone with affordable + high quality reliable products. If you don’t have time / patient to finish the story below, long story short, after numerous challenges, we are where we are now. And the most important thing is:

Our Promise

We only provide products that we eat. Cause we are the consumers as well. 100% safe, no worries.

— The End –

Love Earth's Story

But if you would like to understand us better, here you go.
Started with only limited capital, we imported products and supply to the local markets. Unfortunately, things are not as planned, we were lacked of experience, we lost a huge amount of capital due to a deceiving case.

While we were struggling with our daily expenses and cracking our heads, I guess god heard our prayers and we were given this 1 opportunity, that has entirely changed our journey. We approached one of the small starts up new supermarket in Malaysia, and they agreed to have an Organic Section!

BUT, they are going to open in 2 months’ time! How are we going to have everything ready in such a short period of time? Without considering, we took this challenge. Came up with the name – Love Earth (as we hope everyone would love our mother earth with not polluting it, by not using chemicals), designed our logo, source for our packaging, our products, our labels. Packed all products in a rented 3rd floor small office (without lift), just with 3 workers (ok 3 founders), packing middle of the night, deliver with our cars (Perodua Kelisa – a good vehicle), and also 3 promoters (us again) in the supermarket every day. This is where Love Earth started 😊

Fortunate enough, other bigger players in the market saw our products, love our packaging and requested us to distribute to their outlets! Inch by inch we have move, and here we are today. Supplying to more than 500 outlets in Malaysia. Including Aeon, Aeon Big, Tesco, Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, BIG, Hero, Cold Storage, Aeon Wellness, Watsons, Pharmacies, Organic Outlets, Fruit Shops… And of course, to supply the best we could to you here 😊

Definitely it was not an easy journey, with the lack of knowledge of laws, packaging, certifications. But we strive to give the best to each and every of our customers. Now we are certified with Mesti CertificationsJakim Halal Certifications and NASAA Organic Certifications.

Click Here for a complete list of Halal Certified products.

Service We Provide

This is an Organic Online Store, where you are able to get affordable, reliable quality products. While many people are asking about where to get the best healthy and natural food suppliers, we have decided to step in to fulfil this role. Healthy food supplies should not be hard to get. By taking up the role of organic food suppliers, we make sure that the best organic food is now readily available for everyone. We started out small back then but we are proud to be one of the top organic food suppliers in Malaysia today.

A healthy diet should be complemented with a healthy lifestyle as well. For all the health freaks out there, we are providing healthy lifestyle tips, healthy diet recipes, products benefits, information about health in our Blog section. Check them out to learn more about the best organic food choices, recipes and latest trends.

Business Opportunity:

If you are interested in getting our products for your store/outlets, we can supply the Love Earth brand to you. We do dropship services too if you are only dealing online. Through us, getting healthy food in Malaysia has never been any easier.

We too supply our organic healthy food in Malaysia in bulk (5kg / 25kg) and provide OEM Services. (Private Labeling / Your brand)

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