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8 CNY Foods You Must Avoid


The Chinese New Year is almost here and many of you are probably planning on having a nice food feast with your friends and family. 

In Chinese tradition, eating traditional Chinese New Year food is believed to bring good luck. However, there is some CNY food you should be careful when having. 

#1 Fried Nian Gao Fritters 
Eating this traditional CNY snack can be tasty but 1 slice is 690 calories, which means you need to do 50 minutes of sit-ups to burn them off. Instead of fried nian gao, go for steamed Nian Gao or muachi that’s only about 118kcal.

#2 Bak Kwa 
Not only it’s high in fat and sugar, but it’s also very high in sodium. 1 slice of bak kwa is 370 calories, that’s equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Making homemade honey grilled chicken bak kwa would make a good twist
! It’s only 60 calories per slice, low in sugar and fat, and it’s definitely a healthier alternative. 

#3 Processed / Flavored Nut Snacks 
1 bowl (30g) of flavored nuts is 170 calories. Not only does it contain high sodium levels, but many nuts are also processed under high heat and oil. This has damaged most of the nutrients and might increase inflammation if consumed in a high amount. Choose natural lightly roasted nuts that are only 100 kcal per serving that’s roasted under low temperature to retain its nutrients and quality or a bowl of steamed edamame. 

#4 Crispy Honeycomb 
1 piece of crispy honeycomb is 50 calories, which is equivalent to 20 minutes of cycling. Try substituting with whole-grain crackers instead, filled with high dietary fiber, and is only 10 calories per piece. 

#5 Love Letter 
A love letter is 112 calories per piece and about 12g of sugar. That takes 1 hour of scrubbing the toilet to burn off. Naturally dried seaweed should give the same crust and great taste, with only 1 calorie per strip! 
#6 Pineapple Tart
Definitely everyone’s favorite CNY snack, but 1 piece of pineapple tart is 82 calories and 12g of sugar. That’s equivalent to 25 minutes of jumping jacks.  Change to grilled pineapple kebabs with honey and lime, only 70 calorie per stick but juicy and tasty! 

#7 Packet Drink 
1 packet of sugar cane is 80 calories, with 17g of added sugar. As “sweet” as it sounds, choose healthier alternative by drinking unsweetened flower tea or green tea instead. That cost us 0 calorie but with strong fragrant to quench the thirst! 

#8 Mini Fried Shrimp Roll 
This mini snack is 50 calories per piece. That takes 20 minutes of vacuuming the house to burn off. Change the cooking method from fried to steamed mini shrimp roll or dumplings, this taste great too but with only 35 calorie.

Chinese New Year is a festival of joy and prosperity. But let’s practice healthy eating while celebrating. Changing to a healthier alternative is great choice for those who are on diet or want to lose some weight this CNY!