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8 Affordable and Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts 2021

Father’s day is around the corner, what have you decided to buy for your dad? If you have no idea what to get him, here’s a list of some affordable and thoughtful gifts for your superman father:



  1. An Electric Shaver

Has your father been shaving using the old-fashioned way? It is time to buy him an automatic electric shaver! This would save a lot of his time, convenience, and less hassle.

  1. Homemade Healthy Meal

Not sure if we can dine in during Father's Day? Why not prepare him a healthy meal yourself? There are plenty of easy and healthy recipes you can search for online. For example, red rice with beef and veggies, roasted chicken with roasted nut paste, creamy mung bean soup, soybean spaghetti with mushroom sauce, and yogurt with rolled oats. With all these lovely healthy meals, it’ll make this Father’s Day special and memorable!

  1. A Thermal Mug

If your dad loves to drink hot coffee, tea, or even Milo, consider getting him a thermal mug to retain the heat for long hours. This can allow him to enjoy hot drinks all day long!

  1. Visit Urban Parks

Your father has always been an adventurer? If it is allowed, bring your father to visit famous urban parks in Malaysia. You can create an adventurer game by setting checkpoints, find clues and win a prize for your father. This activity not only strengthens your relationship but also helps to improve brain memory and physical movement.

  1. Surprise Outdoor Activities

Been staying at home for too long? You can book a time for them to do biking, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, sailing, and even swimming. All these activities are not only fun, but it also helps your father improve his overall body health.

  1. Bring Him To His Favourite Restaurant

You know what your dad’s favorite food but didn’t have the time to bring him last time? You can even pre-order your father’s favorite meal, beverage, dessert, and music on that day. On the day, your father will feel surprised and appreciate what you have done for him.

  1. Loofah Scrub

Have you ever heard your dad complain about his skin becoming thicker and sometimes itchy? It’s time to get him an organic loofah scrub to help exfoliate his dead skin cells, remove pollutants, reveal glowing skin, and improve blood circulation in his body.

  1. A Gift Set Filled With Love and Healthy Delicacies 



Your dad is a foodie but has to control his diet? Taa-daa! Presenting you our Father’s Day Gift Sets curated for someone who loves to eat or snacks but also looking for healthier options. Featuring Healthy Snacks, Happy Dad; Low-Carb Snacks; and Cholesterol Buster Snack Box which you can include a personalized message for your father. It is a thoughtful gift for your father's better health and so that we can all be there for each other!  

Choose the healthier choice to keep your father healthy and happy with Father’s Day Gift Set today!


Written By: Ng Kai Wen

BSc.(Hons). Food Science with Nutrition

UCSI University

Reviewed By: Jasmine Lim

Love Earth Organic Nutritionist

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Dietetics (major) & Food Science (minor)

Iowa State University, USA

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