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7 Ways to Slim Down Easily Before CNY


Two weeks left to CNY!!! Wish you could lose weight quickly before CNY so you could look your best during the festivities? In case you're short on time and looking to lose some fat, there's good news: You're not required to overhaul your diet or spend long hours in the gym! Try following these 7 tips to learn how to approach food differently so you can WOW your friends and family this year!

Remember this tagline - SLIM NOW



S - Spice Up Your Meal

Aside from salt and MSG, there is a wide range of healthy spices and seasonings to flavor your food! Swapping to mushroom seasoning, aloe vera seasoning, black pepper, chili powder, curry powder, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, ginger, lemons, limes, turmeric, onions, oregano, paprika, fennel, and cumin starts from now! High salt diets can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and fluid retention. Also, MSG may lead to headaches, neurological problems, and weight gain. Avoid the bloat and these side effects by indulging in naturally delicious spices.

L - Limit Liquid Calories

Sugar-sweetened drinks add calories and cause weight gain, but don't reduce hunger the way solid foods do. Whenever possible, swap these high-calorie beverages such as fruit juice, sugary soft drinks, chocolate milk for water. You can add cucumber or lemon slices to make it more flavorful and fancy. Water can’t satisfy your thirst and cravings? Try a cup of nutritious and low-calorie Wheatgrass or Natural Black Coffee added with a little Bamboo Salt! Reap the benefits with every sip!

I - Ingredient labels are your new best friend.

You wouldn't put gas in your car without checking the type of fuel, right? The same goes for nutrition. Nutrition is what keeps your body going and nourishes it. Make sure you read food labels and steer clear of fat- and calorie-rich items. You should also avoid foods that have hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, artificial additives, and ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Consider placing it back on the shelf as soon as you picked it up.

M - Make Protein Food in Every Meal

The most weight loss-friendly macronutrient can drastically reduce appetite and cravings. By including a variety of protein sources in each meal and snack, you'll feel full for longer, so you'll be less likely to overeat. Besides LE Nuts range, LE seeds range, and LE beans range, give a try to our Protein-Packed Powder Beverages - Soybean Powder, Black Bean Powder, Almond Soymilk Powder, and Roasted Black Sesame Powder. Additionally, experts recommend eating small, frequent meals and snacks (every 3-4 hours), to keep blood glucose levels steady and to prevent overeating.

N - No-No to Midnight Snacks

Make a commitment to stop eating at a specific time so that you don't succumb to the late-night munchies or mindless snacking when watching television. If you want something sweet after dinner, enjoy a cup of tea, hard candy, or a small bowl of light ice cream and frozen yogurt. Always remember to brush your teeth afterward to reduce the chances of you eating or drinking anything else.

O - Opt for Whole Grain & Whole Food

Stock up on more fresh produce or whole-grain food. Because of the disease-fighting nutrients they naturally contain, fresh produce can actually protect you against long-term health issues. Further, substituting whole grains for refined grains such as white bread, cakes, cookies, and pretzels adds fiber and fills you up faster, making it easier to eat a reasonable portion. You can choose whole-wheat bread, Ten Grain Rice, Brown Rice, Red Rice, Black Wild Rice, Basmati Rice, Organic Millet Flakes, Organic White Quinoa Flakes, and Five Grain Cracker. With a diet full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber, you won't seek out the cookie jar.

W - Wake Your Gut Up

A healthy level of beneficial gut bacteria is crucial to maintaining your health, especially if you are eating a lot of rich, sweet, or heavy foods. There is evidence that gut bacteria imbalances can cause digestive issues, weight gain, headaches, and fatigue. Sugar and white bread are known to feed bad gut bacteria, so cutting back on these foods can help balance bacteria levels. Meanwhile, taking probiotics can boost and restore healthy gut bacteria, block the absorption of dietary fat, reducing appetite and inflammation. Here's a probiotic-packed drink you should try: Kombucha Powder! Grab yours now to save your gut. What’s more, fiber supplements do help in promoting regular bowel movements and gut health. Try it now - Fiber Up.

Follow these simple tips to stay beach-bod ready not only this CNY but all year round! Stay on target by avoiding those artery-clogging, heart-stopping, tastes-too-good-to-have-just-one-bite calorie bombs!


Written by: Foo Jia Qi 
BSc (Hons) Nutrition With Wellness 
UCSI University

Reviewed by: Jasmine Lim
Love Earth Organic Nutritionist
Bachelor of Science Degree in
Dietetics (major) & Food Science (minor)
Iowa State University, USA


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