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1 minute to prepare a healthy breakfast. (Chapter of Granola)

1 minute to prepare a healthy breakfast. (Chapter of Granola)

Many of us are busy and we tend to rush in the morning, and so we neglect our breakfast.
Well, there are actually many ways to prepare a healthy breakfast in just less than 1 minute!

Let’s explore some 1 minute breakfast ideas with Granolove!

1) As a Cereal

All the ready-made Granolove that can be purchased from the store has actually done all the work for you! All you need to do is just pouring them out of the box! It is an excellent option for you when you are busy because it is simple, delicious yet healthy! In addition, ready-made Granolove contains different ingredients such as nut, dried fruits, grains and more. These ingredients are vital for our daily nutrition intake.

2) Sprinkle over Yogurt

Maybe something more traditional.. How about breakfast parfait? Simply mix Granolove into yogurt! Add in some berries and honey of your choice too. It is full of protein-packed breakfast and girls would love it, as it tastes just like dessert!

3) Combination with Apple Slices

Slice an apple –> spread some yogurt or nut butter onto each slice –> sprinkle the apple slices with some Granolove –> healthy breakfast is ready to eat! Oh can even dip it with honey in order to add on some sweetness. Starting the day sweet and nice!

4) Oatmeal with Granolove

Instead of asking what to add into oatmeal, probably ask, what can we not? Get yourself a satisfying breakfast that will fill you up for hours with low calories! Add some Granolove into your oatmeal, it’s crunchy and it’s like the rainbow after some rain, adding flavor into your plain dull oatmeal. For better taste, add in some fresh berries/apple slice / dried fruits into your morning bowl of oats.

5) Peanut Butter Ball

Sounds complicated, but don’t worry, 1 minute!
a) Mix these ingredients in a large bowl
Honey x 2 tablespoons
Peanut Butter x 4 tablespoons
Milk x 3 tablespoons
2 cups x Granolove
b) Grab & form into small balls
c) Place into the refrigerator overnight
d) Yummy + Healthy breakfast the next morning!

Now, don’t you dare tell me you don’t have time for a healthy and quick breakfast! It is really vital to have our breakfast, or you will be gaining more weight. Yes, skipping breakfast will lead to weight gain! We will talk about that on the next topic